Enjoy Easy Lodging in LaFollette

The small town of Lafollette may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a Tennessee getaway, but perhaps it should. Not only can you find spectacular vacation homes for rent lafollette tn, the area is blissful, serene, and located a few short miles from Knoxville, home of The University of Tennessee. Choosing this small town for lodging allows you to experience a true Tennessee vacation without taking you far away from the big city. Advantages are numerous and include:

·    Rates for lodging is considerably less in LaFollette than nearby Knoxville, but the quality is all the same or better if you choose to stay on the lake like most people who arrive in town.

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·    LaFollette is a quiet, quaint community of friendly people. If you want to experience old-fashioned charm and value, this is the place to be.

·    Avoid the hustle and bustle, traffic, and other headaches of the big city

There are many advantages to using a vacation rental in LaFollete versus Knoxville or any of the other Tennessee towns nearby. The advantages listed above are among those advantages. Why stay anywhere else when there are benefits like this waiting?

Most people enjoy visits to Norris Lake while in LaFollete. Here, great camping, hiking, fishing, and boating opportunities exist. There are also some pretty nice local eateries to try out while in town, such as Rickard Ridge BBQ, Scottie’s Restaurant, and Shanghai Resort.

Tennessee welcomes you as does the states many fantastic towns. There is one thing that we can say and that is that you will never be the same after this visit. Stay for a short spell, get to know how life is in the south, and embrace a laid back, relaxing vacation for a change. This is what a vacation should be made of.